Transgender People Are….. Absolutely Anything They Dream, When Empowered By Allies And Their Own Community.

In 2015, we are proud to have sponsored and supported 15 name changes and 5 gender marker changes, along with hosting multiple community response events regarding Transgender restroom access, advocating for the rights of Transgender youth, and creating awareness while raising funds during our TNA PRIDE event, and our first annual TNA’s Metro-Glam Gala Petite.

During the first quarter of 2016, TNA, has been able to sponsor 6 name and gender marker changes, along with one chest reconstruction surgery for a trans-male.

We couldn’t be happier to see these individuals excel and move forward with less internal and external conflicts. But we have a whole inbox full of requests from individuals around the world needing help obtaining life saving legal changes as well as surgical solutions to life long struggles.

And now we need your help.

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our 501c3 status, providing us the opportunity to raise funds in a tax deductible manner, providing 90% of our funds directly back to the community we serve. If you wish to share in the joys and responsibilities of giving to one of our nations most underserved communities, please give on paypal to


We look forward to changing many more lives this year, and the years to come.

Sincerely, Nikki

Changing Lives with American Nikki

Changing Lives with American Nikki and TNA.


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